Say Goodbye To Lost Items With the Best Car Seat Gap Fillers

Do you often drop your phone, coins, pens, and other belongings in the space between your car seat and center console? While you have the cup holders and additional storage caddy at the front, you cannot keep belongings in them, especially the ones you need frequently. If you mistakenly place them on the car’s central console or at the edge of the seat, they can easily slide through the gap and drop on the floor. Then, you have to deal with the hassle of finding them from underneath the seats, which can be quite time-consuming. So, to help you enjoy the ride and prevent your belongings from slipping through your car’s spaces, we have rounded up some of the premier car seat gap fillers of all times.

Best Car Seat Gap Filler Advantage and Review

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Types of Car Seat Gap Fillers

Caddy Style Car Seat Gap Fillers 

These feature an inner hollow compartment with enough space to accommodate most of your belongings. They fit between the car seat and central console perfectly but won’t move with the seat. Plus, they don’t cover the space behind the seat belt catch. 

Solid handle – Style Car Seat Gap Fillers 

This type is known for its soft and squishy construction. They self-adjust according to the space between the car seat and the center console. Further, they come with a hole to fit around the seat belt to catch and seal the entire space. 

Which Seat Gap Filler Should I Get?

  • caddy-style or
  • solid handle-style

Seat gap fillers are divided into two categories based on their design and purpose. Before moving ahead with your purchase, you should know about the differences between these two.

  1. The solid handle-style car seat gap filler will fill the space between your car seat and console, but the caddy-style product will give you the option to store your belongings neatly and safely in one place
  2. Caddy-style car seat gap fillers have a rigid structure, which is why you’ll have to pay attention to size restrictions. With solid handle-style products, though, you won’t face these limitations
  3. Handle-style fillers won’t get dirty quickly due to their solid structure, but the same can’t be said for caddy-style products


One: Single-compartment organizers are simple and spacious. They’re often the most affordable option too. Many consumers gravitate toward these designs because they offer the most storage space. However, because of their single-pocket design, the items inside are prone to jostling around or falling out while you’re driving.

Multiple: Multi-compartment organizers keep items accessible and secure in individual pockets. For some drivers, this makes it easy to reach for certain items without taking their eyes off the road. This design also minimizes the movement of items inside the organizer. However, some of these organizers have poorly designed compartments, many of which are too small to cradle items like a larger phone. These can be a bit more challenging to clean too.

Deluxe: These organizers include a variety of compartments, which may include cupholders, coin holders, and/or pen slots. These organizers are typically much more durable and rigid than other car seat gap organizers. However, the cupholders in some of these organizers are awkwardly positioned. In some, they make the organizer top-heavy and can end up spilling beverages when you turn or hit the brakes.

Some Popular Seat Gap Filler


Drop Stop Original Car Seat Gap Filler

Drop Stop Original Car Seat Gap Filler

The Drop Stop car seat gap filler brands itself as the OG seat gap filler and the first to be patented. As seen on Shark Tank, this device is uniquely designed to squeeze in around your seatbelt, with a snug fit that doesn’t allow nary a french fry to drop to your car’s floor. The device fits most standard vehicles, no matter how large or small, and even though it boasts a super-tight seal between your console and car seat, it’s still flexible enough to move back and forth as you adjust your driver’s seat for different drivers.

Additionally, there’s a slot sewn near one of the edges of each filler. Which you can use to attach it to the seat belt latch. This ensures the device is securely fastened in place and won’t come off even when you slide the seat back and forth.

The filler can fit any gap between ¼ inch and 3.5 inches wide. You can only get Drop Stop seat gap fillers in black, which might be in contrast to your car’s interior. Lastly, buying this set of fillers should cost you just under $25.

The Drop Stop only comes in black, though most users don’t find that. This is an issue, as it fits so tightly into the car crevice. It doesn’t really stick out. It’s made with a neoprene case covering. Which is easy to clean with just a little soap and water. And the interior is a hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.


  • Universal hole for the seat belt catch
  • Fits perfectly between the console and seat
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to Clean.


  • Price is higher than others.
  • It is come in one color.


Lusso Gear 2-in-1 Car Seat Gap Organizer

Lusso Gear 2-in-1 Car Seat Gap Organizer

This Lusso Gear gap filler is ideal if you’re on a budget. It is roughly $17. You can get this seat gap filler in five color options and made of PU leather. These fillers are also waterproof and can easily wipe down any spills if necessary. The gap filler is designed like a purse, and you can use it to store glasses, pens, your phone, the mail, and more.

In its default state, the Lusso Gear gap filler is relatively thin and may slide through the gap between the center console and seat. This, of course, depends on your vehicle model and how much space there is between your seats. However, it also ships with spacers that expand the filler for a more snug fit.

This pick is universally sized, though the manufacturer recommends that the gap in your car be between 0.9 and 2 inches for the most optimal fit, but it will still work for 0.5-inches of space, too. To install, you’ll simply slide it straight down between your seat and the console. If you find there’s any extra room, you can use any of the included four foam “wedges” as spacers on the sizes of the organizer (to adjust the snugness) or to create compartments within the pockets.


  • Adjustable design
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Also serves as an organizer


  • Not universal


Inovare Design Leather Car Seat Gap Filler With Cup Holder 

Inovare Design Leather Car Seat Gap Filler With Cup Holder 
Inovare Design Leather Car Seat Gap Filler With Cup Holder 

The Most Versatile: A Gap Filler With An Organizer & A Cup Holder

For a more versatile option, reach for the Inovare Design Car Seat Gap Filler. It comes with a cup holder that fits most small cups and cans, so you have the option there when you need it. You’ll get two units and velcro strips to help lock the organizers in place after installation. It’s made of black PU leather that is sleek enough to match most interiors, but for an even more fun option, you can also get these fillers in bright red. This is the priciest pick on this list, but inside the box, you’ll find some bonus car accessories like four car hooks that you can use to hand things like grocery bags and purses behind your headrest.

Keep in mind that for the optimal fit of the filler, the manufacturer has outlined two key requirements: the center console should be higher than seat level and there should not be a hand break directly next to the seat (otherwise you may only be able to use one container on the other side).


Beusoft Car Seat Gap Filler

Beusoft Car Seat Gap Filler
Beusoft Car Seat Gap Filler

A similar automotive seat gap filler, also available on Amazon, this car accessories option from Beusoft is a little more aesthetically pleasing, as it comes in a sleek leather finish with red stitching and, beyond offering extra storage and organizing space, it’s also outfitted with an illuminated LED display and dual USB charging ports.

However, before choosing this particular gap filler for your car, you’ll want to do some measuring. The seller clarifies that, while it can fit most cars, it won’t fit every vehicle. It only provides an ideal fit when the console is “not at most two inches lower and 1.2 inches wider than the car seats.”

Next, there are two built-in USB charging sockets and cigarette lighter sockets, along with an illuminated display. Furthermore, you get a switch button that controls the two cigarette lighter sockets.

There’s even a smart control chip built into the device for extra safety, preventing short circuits, overheating, and overvoltage. However, if the distance between the top of your center console and the top of your seat is more than 2 inches, this filler won’t work for you. Nevertheless, for most vehicles, the fit should be just fine.


Oneuda Car Pocket Organizer

Oneuda Car Pocket Organizer

This pick by Oneuda will not only keep your phone from dropping into the deep cavern of your seat gap, but also it will keep it within safe reach. Even when it’s plugged in to charge. Yes, there are two clever USB ports right on top, which get their charging power thanks to an included cord hidden underneath. The unit that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. There’s also a handy coin box to drop loose change into and inside the rectangular pocket, you’ll find a slim slot designed for keeping credit cards or business cards from getting lost.

This car seat side pocket console organizer likewise fills the gap while allowing for some extra storage space. Two USB charging ports provide a space to charge your cell phone with ease while it’s stored in the organizer’s rectangular slots. Other slots and pockets are designated for particularly small items, like loose change and credit cards.

This organizer comes in two colors, beige and black, and is plastic with a non-slip foam bottom.

It comes in either black or beige and is made of plastic. The bottom portion, however, is lined with soft foam, which will help prevent it from slipping and sliding when you press on the breaks. You’ll only get one container with each purchase, but it can be used on either the passenger or driver side. Per the manufacturer, it’s suitable for gaps that measure between 0.5 to 1 inch. To install, just slide it straight down in the gap until it can’t go any further.

Seat Gap Filler Choosing Key Factors

  • Size

Seat gap fillers come in different sizes because not all car models and brands share the same design, meaning that gap size won’t be the same. In some cars, you’ll find a sliver of space between the seat and console, while in others the vacant area can be gigantic. Because of this, you’ll need a seat gap filler with an ideal size for your car’s seat gap. If you want to use the filler with multiple vehicles, go for a compressible product, but if you’re only going to use it in one vehicle you can get any size, provided it matches the gap width between the console and front seats.

Car Pocket Organizer key
Car Pocket Organizer key
  • Compatibility and configuration 

Not all car seat gap organizer configurations will be compatible with your vehicle or needs. Once you’ve checked for compatibility, you can begin to think about which configuration is right for you. If you’re looking for cup holders, you’ll want a design that sits above the seat, whereas if you want a book or tablet storage, a narrow pouch between the seats is best. 

  • Stretch Ability and Compressibility

Some seat gap fillers are made from flexible and stretchable material so that you can easily fit them inside the vacant space, and they usually offer a universal fit that can be used in various cars. The extent of compressibility and stretch ability will vary from one filler to the next, so if you want freedom when it comes to the gap’s width, go for a product with higher compressibility to quickly change its shape according to space. If you instead want flexibility in length, look for a stretchable filler.

  • Storage volume

If you’ve chosen a caddy-style seat gap filler, ensure that its internal pockets are large enough to meet all your storage requirements. And If you want to keep your phone, ear pods, keys, coins, or other small items nearby, go for a product with less internal depth and a slim structure. If instead, you want more storage space inside your vehicle, look for a seat gap filler with a deeper and/or wider caddy, as this will allow it to easily accommodate wallets, notebooks, cell phones, and more.

  • Material 

People spend hours in their cars each week, and keeping the interior clean and aesthetically pleasing is critical for enjoyable trips. Most car seat gap organizers are made from vinyl, fabric, vegan leather, plastic and genuine leather. Although it’s tough to get an exact match, keep an eye out for small details like exposed stitching and contrasting accents to complement your car’s interior. 

  • Dividers

If you want to keep your belongings organized in the car, it’s a good idea to go for a seat gap filler that comes with detachable dividers. This will help you alter each divider pocket’s space to accommodate the items you want to store inside, and you’ll have the freedom to use two to four dividers as you please.

  • Seat belt knot

Some seat gap fillers come with a built-in knot that needs to be slid down the seat belt buckle. This feature ensures there won’t be any hindrance while installing the filler inside the gap between the seat and the console, and such a design will help you move the car seat without having to detach the filler and reinstall it afterward.

  • Charging capabilities 

Not all organizers offer charging capabilities, but good quality ones will provide a cord passthrough for organization. However, if you really want to go all out, check out the Beusoft car seat gap filler, which comes with dual USB charging ports, an illuminated LED display and independent switch control. 

  • Accessories 

Top-quality car seat gap organizers are compatible and may even come with a variety of useful accessories that help you maximize practicality. The Innovare Designs organizers come with a coin pouch, and you can purchase additional goodies like this vehicle document organizer to maximize your space. 

  • Additional components

Not all seat gap fillers come with additional components, but the ones that do can certainly be worth the investment. You can get a slip-free pad to store items without having to worry about their stability, and some seat gap fillers come with a detachable cup holder that can prevent their weight from pulling down the filler. If you don’t want to be disturbed by the sounds of your accessories moving and knocking about, go for a product that comes with an additional rubber pad. Sometimes seat gap fillers are equipped with detachable foam pads to give you more leverage. But you’ll have to attach them to the base wall to use the entire arrangement to fill more significant gaps.

Price of a Car Seat Gap Filler

Car seat gap organizers cost between $15-$50. High-quality materials like leather and sophisticated design features raise the price. 


Car Pocket Organizer key
  • Use the cupholder for keys. Some people carry bulky keyrings. Instead of keeping your in your handbag, store it in the cupholder of the car seat gap organizer while you’re driving.
  • Store sunglasses elsewhere. There is plenty of room in a car seat gap organizer for sunglasses; however, they’re prone to getting scratched or damaged there. It’s better to keep them clipped to the visor. If that’s not an option. Make sure you have a protective case for your sunglasses when they’re in the organizer.
  • Buy a new organizer for a new car. If you’re getting a new vehicle, you might need to get a new car seat gap organizer, especially if the layout of the seats and center console differs from that of your old car.
  • Store spare eating utensils. If you eat on the road often, store spare plastic utensils, straws, and napkins in your car seat gap organizer.
  • Keep important documentation in the glove compartment. It’s recommended that you store personal documents, such as insurance and registration cards, in the glove compartment. If you leave them in the organizer, the information can be stolen by identity thieves without even breaking into your vehicle.

Car seat gap organizer FAQ

Q: How do I know which car seat gap organizers will fit my vehicle? 

Ans: Just like cars, seat gap organizers come in all shapes and sizes. To find the right size for your car, measure the length of the seat starting with the seatbelt and then measure the distance between the edge of the seat and the center console. Compare the rough dimensions with the product description; they don’t need to match perfectly. 

Q: How do I clean my car seat gap filler?

Ans: If you want to clean your car seat gap filler, use a wet tissue or a soft microfiber cloth to remove the dirt and grime. Do not submerge the entire product in water as that can cause permanent damage, rendering it useless.

Q: Can I use one car seat gap filler for multiple car models?

Ans: You can, but it depends. If you want to use a car seat gap filler with multiple car models, ensure the space between their seats and the central consoles is equal to the width of the product chosen. 

Q: Which side of the console should I put an individual seat gap organizer?

Ans: Most individual car seat gap organizers are designed for the driver side of the console, so double-check compatibility if you prefer to put it on the passenger side. If you’re easily distracted by your phone or worried about giving up precious seat space, putting it on the passenger side is a great idea. 

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