Best Microfiber Towels washing and Drying process
Best Microfiber Towels Cleaning Guide

What is Microfiber? 

A Guide to Choosing the Best Microfiber Towel: 

In the showroom, we see different types of microfiber towel selection. I’m going to talk about what each microfiber towel is for? and what it does? and what you need to do to choose the right one?

What Microfiber Towels Made Off?

They maintain the polyester and polyamide level are mixed at different ratios to produce different types of microfibers. And It affects a broader range of microfiber towels for particular applications. The standard proportion is started as 75/25 or 90/10, which signifies polyester’s balance to polyamide for every different type of clothing.

Another essential difference creator of microfiber towel is its thickness or density. The denser or thickness the microfibers, the more it can absorb and is generally more expensive. The thickness of microfiber is always in balanced GSM (grams per square meter). That makes a different identity of microfiber, which you can use to compare additional towels. For example, we can say, if a 12×16 cloth is 400 GSM, this means it’s a square meter of the fabric that weighs 400 grams, not the 12×16 material itself.

Types of Microfiber Towels are:

  • Two times thinner than silk;
  • Three times lighter than wool;
  • Eight times more delicate than cotton;
  • 100 times finer than a human hair;
Microfiber Towel BlueMicrofiber Towel RedMicrofiber Towel multy colorMicrofiber Towel Purple
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Benefits of Microfiber Towel use

The biggest gain from microfibers on their effectiveness pick up any dirt, debris, and absorbing liquid. Microfibers have a star-shaped structure on each strand, which is ideal for cleaning. Contrarily, the cotton towel has an irregular tube shape. Since microfibers towels are super-soft, non-abrasive, they’re perfect for car detailers.

Why do Microfiber Towels have different colors & Types?

Well, these towels are all the same in the material. The microfiber size and length are also the same. But the colors are different. Now the question is, Why the colors are different? And you don’t crisscross the towels when you’re working. These are the colors that we use for smart detailing in all Univercell.

We use green for the outside of the car. We’re washing the car to include details prays. We have blue towels when we do the windows. We have yellow towels we do the inside of the vehicle. Now we don’t want to get wax from our green towels on our window. Towels, and we’ll get streaks on our windows. We also don’t want to get window cleaner on our interior towels too. Because then we’ll hurt the interior, we might damage leather we might stain some sensitive plastic. Hence, we keep these towels separate.

We washed the greens, the blues, and the yellows utterly separate. So they don’t crisscross you can do this to any method. If you want to use yellow for the windows, if you’re going to use blue for the exterior, that’s okay.

That’s smart detailing. You know we have the system green for the outside, blue for the windows, yellow for the interior, So you don’t get the towels mixed up. These towels are really good. These 16 by 16 workhorse towels because if something happens to them, they’re really cheap. They’re great for doing dirty work, cleaning stuff. It’s the dirty undercarriage. Anything we’re in the towel, if it’s compromised, can be disposed of quickly and easily.

Exotic Microfiber towels:

Exotic microfiber towels is a more oversized towel. Its size is 31 by 51-inch. Also, a silk line towel, and you may have questions on your mind, what is this towel for?
This towel is used for several things. But it is suitable for drying your car. If you want to dry your vehicle with a softer towel, this is perfect for that. It’s also a silk line, and the silk lining doesn’t scratch the surface. So you’re going to make sure that your towel isn’t going to cause any marks on your car.

Some of the towels cheap and have an extra level of polyester in them, then they can be harmful and can scratch the exterior of the car. As its, a silk lining also does another trick that makes the towel strong. The towel won’t rip because of the silk linings reinforcement and also keeps the towel longer lasting.

Exotic towels are also suitable for other parts of detailing, and keep one of these in the car. And you can put it on the carpet that while it’s raining, you don’t get your carpet mess or dirty. You’re not scratching any part of the vehicle and that’s why this Exotic microfiber towel is perfect. These more oversized towels are good for that purpose as well

 Mostly we classified Best Microfiber Towel into five main categories, And they are – 

                1. Short Pile

                2. Medium Pile

                3. Long Pile

                4. Waffle Weave Pile

                5. Applicator Pile

  1. Short pile – The short pile Microfiber Towels are excellent for all-purpose cleaning. But they’re not ideal for very sensible interior and exterior surfaces. Sometimes they leave scratches and marks If they are not well maintained or do not choose the right towels. The short pile towels come in 80-20 blends, and The thickness is like 220-250 GSM. You can use a short pile towel to clean upholstery, dashboard, and all those parts of a vehicle that aren’t sensitive.
  2. Medium pile – Medium pile towels can further sort into standard medium, plush, and medium-large piles. Standard medium towels are perfect for the removal of car wax. They can also use them to rinse water to dry the surface. At the same time, we can say medium pile microfiber towels are a little better than short pile towels. Medium pile towels still are not delicate for the surfaces.

Plush Microfiber towels are butter for all kinds of delicate detailing. Plish Microfiber towels can also be removing dirt and dust from chrome with proper finishing. Including trims, glass, and other scratch-prone, they are good to use on any surfaces. Plush Microfiber towels blend is in the ratio of 75-25, and they have higher GSM ratings, or we can say much thicker than other microfiber towels. Plus, the medium-long pile is helpful for the semi-delicate surface. Medium-long pile Microfiber towels have GSM of up to 400, and it’s quite easy to handle for basic cleaning. But the thing we must note that they’re not as soft as the plush microfiber towels.

3. Long Plush Microfiber Towel:

This Microfiber Towel with Long Plush is softer than the previous two types, Short pile & Medium pile. Long Plush is suitable for buffing and has a superb water absorption capability. And also, they can give the best shine to your cars or vehicles as well without any scratches.

  1. Waffle weave pile  Waffle weave pile microfiber towels are excellent for all types of sorts detailing. But they work best for mirror cleaning. Waffle weave pile blend of 80-20 inches with GSM 350.
  2. Applicator pile – The applicator pile microfiber towels are perfect for paint sealants or car wax. And it comes in a blend of 70-30 mix and with 350 GSM.

all-around towel

El Gordo Microfiber Towels

The company name Chemical Guys and their El Gordo Extra Thick Supra Green Microfiber Towels are the best in quality. Towels for waterless washes and general-purpose detailing. Green El Gordo Extra Thick Supra Towels are versatile enough for all interior and exterior detailing applications because they are soft, durable, and scratch-free.
The el Gordo towels they’re a little bit bigger, and there are two different in size. There’s a 16 by 24, and there’s also a 16 by 16. Once again, the size is all about personal preference.

Shaggy Fur Ball and a Sasquatch Maximus:

There’s a little bit of difference between these two towels, a Shaggy fur ball, and a sasquatch Maximus. These two Sasquatch Maximus are a little bit more full, have a little bit fatter pile on the towel, and look like the shaggy fur ball is a little bit thinner, but the pile grabs dust so fast.

Shaggy Fur Ball

The shaggy fur ball for dusting interiors if you drive with your windows down if you have a Miata and that’s convertible like a Boxster or any convertible, you might have the top-down of the windows open a lot. You might get this dust on the inside of your – that dust is often a pain to get off. You can use a quick interior detail spray like inner clean or wipe it down with a towel.

I like to use this towel to wipe it down because all these longer fibers, as you can see when it pops up and fibers capture the dust and pull it away, so usually once a week, I like to take one of these shaggy fur ball towels and wipe down my interior if I have dressing it will take off the dressing. However, it will remove the dust. This is also good for removing wax or removing quick detail spray. It’s extra soft, so you know it won’t harm the vehicle in any way.

Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towels

Sasquatch Maximus Microfiber Towels is a little bit thicker, but the plush is, or the pile is still very soft and plush. You can go ahead and fold it in fours, and it’s also silk-lined, so it’s not going to rip or tear. This silk lining actually keeps the towel very strong so that you can pull on it. It’s not going to rip, and it’s going to last for a long time. If you take care of your microfiber towels, they’ll last a very, very long time you wash them properly, dry them properly and store them, you’re going to have good results in you’re going to have a nice long life of your towels.

Edgeless Microfiber Towels:

Edgeless microfiber towers are the BEST it is just LIGHTER With 350gsm. They are usually Plushness and Softness. I must say the Performance was Aussoum! It is the best Professional Quality Microfiber Detailing Towel in the market – The EAGLE EDGELESS is our Award Winning* signature super soft and lighter. Edgeless microfiber tower is the Number 1 selling choice in the whole market. Car Clubs, Professional Restorers, Detailers, and Truck / Motorcycle / Boat / Airplane lovers but also in home Edgeless microfiber tower is varied popular.   

Grey matter/ SUV size towels

I like using these SUV-size towels or grey matter towels as the absorber. The gray matter is 36 by 24. The absorber is 26 by 32, so all these are a different size, personally. The ones that I like are these SUV-size towels. These are good for drying trucks, SUVs, or regular cars are extra prominent. They’re 26 by 35. 

Grey matter/ SUV size Microfiber Towels

However, personally, I recommend grey matter towels because While regular microfiber towels are 16″ square, the Glass and Window Waffle Weave Towel is large at 26″ x 32″ for quick wiping on all surfaces.

You can dry the car and move your way around very quickly and easily. It will pick up dirt so fast, and the observing tendency is Aussom! its Sucks up tons of water for a lightning-fast dry. Grey Matter best MicrofiberTowels used on

  • Trapped missed dirt for scratch-free wiping
  • Wick up quick detailers for a spot-free shine
  • Buff off glass cleaner for streak-free clarity
  • Drastically reduce the chances of marring
  • Branded silk piping shows off your Chemical Guys pride


Premium Microfiber Towels:

Premium Microfiber Towels

Are you Waiting For The Perfect Glass Towel? Then your waiting Is OVER Now! The Rag Company is bringing a new Premium Microfiber Towel and its innovative combination of Twist Loop Weave material with TRC’s super soft, absorbent, and durable Soft Microfiber Suede Edge. 

Perfect Towel Material + Perfect Border = Perfectly Clean & Clear for Your Glass! 

We Recommended you for Cleaning Windows, Glass, and Mirrors; Polishing Chrome and other Shiny Metals.


Terry cloth Microfiber Towels

In the automotive world, there is one more type of towel Terry Cloth. You all know about it is Terry Cloth about 20-30 years ago. Everybody used to use terry cloth, but the problem is terry cloth is very abrasive and can scratch your paint.
There is one exception Terry Cloth is excellent for polishing metal. So if you’re polishing aluminum or any bare metal


So, now you know all about microfiber towels. Hopefully, when you go to detail your car you choose the right microfiber towel and not the wrong one because we all know you need the right tool to get the job done.

How To Wash Microfiber Towels Correctly?

We’re going to provide a complete guide on how to wash and maintain your microfiber towels? Now Microfiber Towels are the most importent tools that you’ll need to detail any vehicle. They’re helping you maintain a swirl and scratch-free finish. Microfiber Towels are going to give you better results. When detailing, and they’re also going to make sure that all are detailing is always on point.

Key points:

Whether you need to clean some of the interior or the exterior vehicle. Now Microfiber towels have different sizes and many different colors so it will be easier to keep our car clean. So we’re going to break down all the different methods to wash and maintain our microfiber towels. How to separate them? How to select the right shampoo? and wash settings and Also how to store your microfiber towels? We have to care about those towels as they always ready to go and they always stay in the best condition.

About Microfiber Towel

Before you start washing:

Before Washing Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels are available in many different colors and sizes. Your microfiber towel should separate for cleaning. It’s called healthy detailing. There are some universal color codes in microfiber towel system so you can specify color for every job around the vehicle because different areas of the car are going to have different types of dirt and different types of debris that need to be clean effectively. You don’t want to get cross-contamination between our different towels yellow microfiber for the interior.

You can use green microfibers for the exterior, blue microfiber towels for the glass and windows cleaning. The specialty of microfiber goods like silk line, edgeless microfiber waffle weave for drying, and applicator pads for spreading things like wax sealant dressing or any other type of application method that’s you want to use on the vehicle. That’s separate all towels to avoid the cross-contamination of other debris and other product moving on to our towels.

For example:

If we use green towels for general cleaning, polish with wax and apply sealant. Now, if you wash your green towels in the same load that you’re going to wash your blue towels you’re going to get cross-contamination where all of the microfiber debris comes off of the towels and moves to another towel .so, that’s where wax and polish embeds itself in the blue towel. If you grab the blue towel to cleanse your car windows, then you will find stripes on the glass. You will not get the best results that you could get.
So if you want to avoid all this, you have to separate the towels from the individual towels and wash them accordingly. Separate the yellow, green, blue and then do a specialty load and then another load. Microfiber usually has a lot of dressing and wax. I know you don’t want to cross-contaminate to the other towels, so you can wash these by themselves. Now microfiber applicator pads are also washable, so you can clean them out just the same way as you clean the towels.

Microfiber Towel Wash

Take the towels that you’ve already separated into groups and take them over to your washing machine now. You’re going to load up with individual groups of towels and set them into the proper setting. Now for any washing machine, you’re going to make sure that you use the hot scene because you always want to wash microfiber on the hot water setting itself.

As if your microfiber towel is too dirty and many stains. Now you have the right temperature on the hot, and you’re going to make sure that you turn the machine’s speed to regular or heavy-duty to get proper scrubbing. On the towel itself, that’s because each fiber in the towel has takes all the dirt and debris traps it inside. Now microfiber consists of millions of tiny fibers all over the towel material.

They design to pick up and hold dirt. The only way to release that dirt from the towel is to use hot water, which will open up the fibers. Expand them and allow all the trash, contamination, and dirt to be removed from the towel. To restore that soft plush feel, this will mean that you’re going to have a nice scratch-free and swirl-free finishing of cleaning whenever you are using a microfiber towel.

Use Detergent:

 So now it’s time to add detergent to your washing machine. When you’re washing microfiber towels, we recommend that you choose a microfiber-specific detergent to clean the towels properly. Do not use generic laundry detergent OR fabric softener. Because fabric softeners will destroy the microfiber material and the towel will lose its power to absorb any water or any moisture or pick up any dirt, it’s going to leave your towels useless. So we recommend some specific detergent.

Washing Microfiber Towel
Washing Microfiber Towel

As Microfiber is Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. This’s a clean-rinsing liquid detergent explicitly formulated for microfiber. It contains no bleach, no fabric softener, or no perfumes. This is a wash solution designed expressly for microfiber goods, and now this is pH balanced and neutral, so it’s not going to harm the microfiber towels. It’s also going to improve the softness and restore the fluffy feel. Now, if you use microfiber wash with your towels, it will be going to last longer. They’re going to perform better because the microfiber wash will clean out all the heavy dirt and any stains.

If you use microfiber towels to clean your wheels, they have lots of brake dust, Or you use to clean under-carriages, there will be a lot of dirt and grease. The microfiber wash will pull out all that material and restore your microfibers in original condition. Hence, now we’ve added our microfiber wash to our washing machine press the start button, and close the lid. Now let’s just let the washing machine do its job to remove all the dirt and debris. But, if you don’t have any washing machine, you can easily wash the towels into a bucket of warm water and scrub them on a grit guard or with a brush, and once they have done, you can hang dry them.

However, we recommend to wash in a washing machine either at your home, your apartment or go to a local coin wash where you can use their equipment that way, you’re going to get better results, and your microfiber towels are going to last much longer when you’re washing machines done, go ahead and unload the towels. When you open up the washing machine, you’re going to notice that the towels are clean and soft again, and they’re ready to be dried, so take your towels out of your washing machine and move them over to your dryer.

Microfiber Towel Dryer

When microfiber towels are loaded into the machine, select the proper heat for your drying. No dryer to dry microfiber towels you only use the low heat setting. Do not dry on high heat because microfiber towels are made with two types of material polyester and polyamide. In microfiber towels, there are very high-quality polyester Impala mites. They’re going to last much longer.

But if you dry your towels on high heat, the heat will cook the polyester, and it’s going to cause the towels to feel stiff and rough. Now when that happens, your towels will start creating swell marks and scratches. And they’re not going to have that soft plush feel anymore.

Store Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towel Store process
Microfiber Towels

How to store microfiber towels? After drying, fold them and store them in a proper location. Now you always want to make sure that you fold and store your microfiber towels properly so they don’t get dirty.

They should always stay clean and ready to Tail. If you drop a microfiber towel on the floor, it’s going to pick up any dirt and debris, and you type of sand that’s on the surface. Maybe it’s going to pull it over to your paint, which will cause scratches and swirls. So when you’re done washing your microfiber towels, take them to fold up and then store them in either cabinet.

Now, your towels will ready to go, and they will be going to perform better. They will be going to give the best results when you grab them from your cabinet. So now you have the complete guideline on how to wash and maintain your microfiber towels?

You have to remember when you wash and maintain your microfiber towels and follow the process, and then they will be last longer. “They’re going to perform better,” which means your car is going to stay cleaner and look better all over year long.

Microfiber towels are the most common and most essential tools. that you can use when detailing, so if you purchase qualities microfiber towels and make sure you maintain them with the proper methods with the appropriate quality microfiber detergent or wash

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