Bouncie GPS Tracker

Bouncie is a device that can be plugged into a car’s OBD2 port to provide real-time vehicle location tracking, trip history, vehicle diagnostics, and speed alerts. It also allows users to set geo-fences to receive alerts when the car enters or leaves a designated area. The device requires a monthly subscription for access to the data and alerts. It is compatible with most cars made after 1996.

Bouncie GPS Tracker

Brand: Bouncie

Special Feature: Roadside Assistance: Included Free, Data Retention: Unlimited, Wireless Technology: 4G LTE CAT M1, Mapping Technology: Google [Street & Satellite]

Color: Black

Supported Application: GPS

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.75 x 1.87 x 1 inches

How does Bouncie car tracker work?

The Bouncie car tracker works by plugging into the OBD2 port of a vehicle. The OBD2 port is a standard diagnostic port found in most cars made after 1996. Once the device is plugged in, it begins to collect data from the car’s computer, which includes information on the vehicle’s speed, location, and performance.

The Bouncie GPS tracker sends this data to the Bouncie app, which can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices. Users can view real-time information about their vehicle, including its location, speed, and any diagnostic trouble codes that may be present.

In addition to providing real-time data, the Bouncie app stores historical data on the vehicle’s trips, allowing users to review their driving history and track their performance over time. The app also allows users to set up custom notifications for speed limits, geofencing, and diagnostic trouble codes.

The Bouncie GPS tracker requires a monthly subscription to access the data and alerts. The subscription fee includes unlimited access to the Bouncie app and its features. Overall, the Bouncie car tracker is designed to provide drivers with a simple, affordable, and comprehensive way to monitor their vehicles and stay informed about their performance.

Bouncie app and features

The Bouncie app is a mobile application available on iOS and Android platforms that allows users to monitor and track their vehicles using the Bouncie GPS Tracker. Here are some of the key features of the Bouncie app:

Real-time Location Tracking:

Real Time Tracker

The Bouncie app provides real-time information about the vehicle’s location, allowing users to track their car’s movements on a map. Bouncie updates on the vehicle’s location every 15 seconds while driving and marks the location on the map when the vehicle is parked. With Bouncie, users can easily track the where abouts of their car, no matter where it is or where it has been. The frequent location updates ensure that users always have the latest information on their vehicle’s location and can track it in real time using the Bouncie app. Access to this information is incredibly important for both personal and business use, allowing users to stay informed and in control of their vehicle’s movements.

Trip History:

The app also stores historical data on the vehicle’s trips, allowing users to review their driving history and track their performance over time.


With Bouncie’s integration of Google Maps, users can easily view their vehicle’s location, addresses, and routes. The app allows users to zoom in or out and choose between the street or satellite view. Whether you want to check your vehicle’s current location or review its historical trip data, the map view in Bouncie makes it simple to visualize your vehicle’s movements and routes. The seamless integration with Google Maps allows users to access additional features such as traffic updates and alternate route suggestions to help plan their trips. Overall, the map view in Bouncie provides a convenient and user-friendly way to track your vehicle’s location and movements.

Geo Zone’s:

Bouncie Geo Zone

Bouncie’s Geo-Zones feature allows users to set up virtual boundaries on a map called circles to monitor their vehicle’s movements. The app sends notifications to the user’s device when the vehicle enters or leaves a Geo-Zone, making it easy to keep track of the vehicle’s whereabouts. The Geo-Zones feature is highly customizable, allowing users to drop a circle anywhere on the map and set up alerts for multiple vehicles or specific drivers. This feature is handy for parents, fleet managers, and businesses, as it enables them to monitor the movements of their cars and receive timely updates on their whereabouts. Overall, Bouncie’s Geo-Zones feature provides an effective and convenient way to stay informed about the location of your vehicle.

Vehicle Health:

Bouncie Car Tracker

Bouncie understands that all cargo is precious and accidents can be devastating. Therefore, the app has a built-in feature that automatically detects vehicle accidents and sends text messages to the user’s. And designated notification contacts. This immediate notification system ensures that users can take swift action in case of an accident, whether to check on the driver, contact emergency services, or arrange a tow truck. With Bouncie’s accident detection feature, users can have peace of mind knowing that they will be notified promptly in case of an accident, allowing them to take appropriate action to protect their cargo, vehicle, and loved ones.

Speed Band:

Bouncie’s speed monitoring feature is both informative and visually appealing. The app colours every drive on the map based on the speed ranges that the user has set up. This means that users can easily visualize their driving patterns and track their progress towards safe driving habits. With Bouncie, users can set customized speed limits and monitor their compliance with these limits in real time. The app’s color-coded system makes it easy to identify which drives are safe and require improvement. Overall, Bouncie’s unique approach to speed monitoring empowers users to take control of their driving habits and encourages safe driving practices.

Vehicle Events:

Bouncie Car Location Tracker

Bouncie provides users with valuable insights into their vehicle’s trip history. The app summarizes trip events and makes them available for review anytime, enabling users to make better decisions while on the road. With Bouncie, users can access a range of trip details, including distance, duration, speed, and driving behaviour, such as hard braking and rapid acceleration. By reviewing this information, users can identify areas for improvement and take steps to become better, safer drivers. Bouncie’s insights provide users with a powerful tool for analyzing their driving habits, making informed decisions, and taking control of their driving experience.


The app allows users to share their vehicle’s location and trip history with friends and family, making it easy to coordinate rides and keep loved ones informed.

Multiple Vehicles:

The Bouncie app supports tracking multiple vehicles, so users can monitor their entire fleet of cars from a single app.

Bouncie Tracker Installation & Setup

Bouncie Vehicle GPS Tracker

The installation and setup process for Bouncie is quick and easy, and most users should be up and running in just a few minutes. Overall Installing and setting up Bouncie is a simple and straightforward process. If you encounter any issues during setup, the Bouncie support team is available to help you out. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Purchase the Bouncie device from the Bouncie website or Amazon.
  2. Download the Bouncie app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Plug the Bouncie device into the OBD-II port located under the steering wheel of your vehicle.
  4. Wait for the device to power on and connect to the Bouncie app.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your device and create a Bouncie account.
  6. Once you have created an account, you will be able to view your vehicle’s location, trip history, and other details in the Bouncie app.

History of Bouncie Bouncie GPS Tracker

Bouncie was launched in 2017 by Tail Light LLC, a tech company in Plano, Texas. Since the launch, several new and important features have been added.

  • 2019: The company expanded its service area to Mexico and Canada, sped up notifications, and allowed users to view trips in progress.
  • 2020: Accident detection and notifications were added.
  • 2023: After the planned phase-out of 3G cellular networks, older devices will stop working and will require a replacement with a 4G unit, expected to last at least four years. The monthly data subscription does not change with a 4G device.

What Does Bouncie Tracker Cost?

Bouncie offers a simple and affordable pricing model. The device costs $67.99 and includes a free one-year subscription to Bouncie’s services. After the first year, users can choose to renew their subscription for $8 per month or pay $96 for an annual subscription, which works out to $8 per month as well. There are no hidden fees or long-term contracts. Users can cancel their subscriptions anytime. Bouncie’s pricing model is transparent and flexible, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.


Q: What Network does Bouncie GPS Tracker Use?

Answer: Bouncie uses T-Mobile and AT&T.

Q: In Which Countries dose it Work?

Answer: Bouncie works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The device will work everywhere you get service. There may be some missing trip info if the device can’t connect.

Q: Can I use it for more than one vehicle?

Answer: The device can only track a single car at a time. You can switch it over to another vehicle or purchase multiple devices for other vehicles. If you have three or more devices, the monthly cost drops to $6.70 per month, per device.

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