When working underneath your car, you need a good, strong floor jack to lift it, but jacks fail and accidents happen. You cannot rely on one to safely hold your vehicle up while you’re working underneath. And with tons of heavy metal floating just above your body, a drop could have catastrophic consequences. That’s why it’s essential that you get the best jack stands you can buy.

The ESCO 3 Ton Performance Jack Stand is designed with incredible quality and durability. This professional-grade jack stand is perfect for your home garage or shop. Uniquely designed removable flat top rubber saddle protects the car frame better than the traditional curved axle post jacks stands. You can also quickly and safely lock the position with the included locking pin. Circular base pads allow for maximum stability and safety. The stand has a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting.

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

Brand Name: Esco

Material: Rubber

Load Capacity: 6000 pounds

Color: Silver

Height: 11.0 inches

Item Weight: 11.00 pounds

Length: 15.0 inches

Vehicle Service Type: Car

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand Pro

  • Protective, sturdy make, with key safety features.
  • Versatile height range makes it compatible with different types of cars.
  • Protective saddle cushion keeps the car frame protected.
  • Doesn’t leave marks on the subframe or suspension components.
  • Offers optimal stability in comparison to comparable products.

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand Corn

  • They are too tall for smaller cars, even when adjusted to the lowest height setting.

the ESCO 10498 Jack Stand is definitely a long-lasting jack stand that you can rely on to support and carry heavier vehicles. What’s particularly beneficial about this model is that the rubber pad and the circular base provide optimal protection and strength.

They have a generous adjustable range of between 13 and 21 inches. The powder-coated base and circular base pads offer optimal stability, so it’s almost guaranteed to keep you safe.

The flat rubber pad is a major plus, because that means, unlike other jack stands, it won’t leave marks on your car’s undercarriage. These are reportedly too big for smaller cars but work well when set to the lowest height level.

Each jack stand is sold either individually or in multiples of up to four.

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand Manufacturers Specs and Feature List

  • Weight: 13 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 20.2 x 14.5 x 12 inches.
  • Lift capacity: 3 tons.
  • Minimum lift height: 13.2 inches.
  • Maximum lift height: 21.5 inches.
  • Powder coated base and circular base pads offer optimal stability.
  • Comes with removable saddle cushion to protect the car frame.

A sturdy, well-built model, these are a great option you can’t go wrong with. It’s really worth the money, and it doesn’t wobble at all. You can buy one at a time, or up to four in a pack. A reliable product with a great reputation, check it out here:

Let’s get started by finding out more about jack stands, their features, and their purpose.


esco 3 ton jack stands

There was a time years ago when jack stand design was like the “Wild West” and manufacturers were selling stands that were not tested very well, if at all. They were hyped as premium quality jack stands.

If you were around people that worked on cars, there was always a story about someone being hurt from jack stand failure. Inferior materials, poor castings, thin gauge metals, or inferior design were all culprits.

Fortunately for the industry, testing, newer safety regulations, and far better design and materials have produced jack stands that are much better today than they used to be. Most injuries these days are from improper use of jack stands and not jack stand failure.

Benefits of Jack Stands

  • Increased safety. Hydraulic jacks are good for lifting your vehicle during emergencies, but it’s not safe to rely on them to keep your vehicle suspended for extended periods. For this, you’ll need jack stands. They’re strong enough to support your vehicle and keep it suspended off the ground while you work underneath.
  • Tire preservation. f you won’t be using your vehicle for months, jack stands can help you preserve the condition of your tires. Vehicles left parked for long periods have all their weight on a small part of each tire, making that part more susceptible to flat spots and dry rotting.
  • Easier maintenance. With jack stands, you can get work done on your vehicle from the comfort of your own garage. This will save you from the time and expense of taking your vehicle to the service shop.

Jack Stand Features


Different jack stands will cater to different vehicles in terms of lifting height. It’s important that the tool you choose can keep your car at the height that allows you to get work done underneath. Most jack stands will work just fine for a small vehicle or sedan because they don’t need to be raised as high as a midsize SUV or truck. Getting one to accommodate a larger vehicle can be trickier, but it’s just a matter of checking the specs of your jack stand and making sure it can adjust to the height that you need.


Another thing to consider in a jack stand is its weight capacity. Stands typically come in capacities ranging from 1 to 10 tons, but some will be designed to handle more. Needless to say, using a jack stand for a vehicle it wasn’t designed to support is dangerous, so if you have a large SUV or truck, you’ll need to be extra sure the stand you choose can withstand the weight. Take note that the listed weight of a pair of jack stands refers to the total weight they can withstand when working together, so if the pair is rated for 2 tons, this means they can support 1 ton each. 


In terms of build quality, not all jack stands are the same. Some are made from sturdier materials and have better rust and corrosion resistance. Your best bet for saving money and frustration, in the long run, is to go for stands with a good quality build. They’ll be more expensive, to be sure, but their increased durability and reliability will give you peace of mind. 

ESCO Jack Stands Tips

  • It’s important that you use the ESCO jack stands on level ground, or the vehicle can slip. So, If the surface area is a bit soft, you can put the jack stands on heavy-duty plywood, which will provide better support.
  • Make sure the jack stands each has a weight rating that’s three-quarters of the weight of your vehicle. So, if your vehicle weighs 4,000 pounds, each jack stand should be rated to 3,000 pounds.
  • Once you’ve raised your vehicle on the ESCO jack stands, ensure that it is stable by gently shaking the vehicle. You want to make sure it’s solidly in place before starting work on it.


Many horror stories abound which feature cheap jack stands collapsing while the owner is under the car. To make sure you don’t star in your own horror story, put some time and effort into choosing a strong, quality product. Figure out your needs, check the weight capacity you need to lift and decide which features matter to you.

Some jack stands are more expensive than others, but it’s best to invest in a quality brand instead of risking your life each time you slide underneath your vehicle! Plus, when you invest wisely, you’ll have a product that will last for many years in your garage.

Which jack stand have you chosen to buy? How well do they work with your vehicle? Let us know in the comments section below. We’re also more than happy to help if you have any questions you’d like to ask.

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