Mothers Microfiber Towels


Mothers Microfiber Towels feature a two-sided, dual-nap design. These 16″ x 16″, 400 grams per square meter towels are perfect for all your vehicle surfaces. The long-nap side is ideal for trapping and holding dirt away from your paint, and buffing spray waxes and instant detailers from paint surfaces. They’re also perfect with glass cleaners, protectant and dressings on interior surfaces, thanks to more surface area and better absorbency. The short-nap side is perfect for removing waxes and polishes from paint surfaces. These towels are lint-free, clear coat-safe and will not harm surfaces. The tear-away tags and edgeless corners will further protect your paint surfaces. Finer than silk, and softer than cotton, Mothers Microfiber Towels are recommended for all your automotive needs. Launder using a liquid detergent and with like materials. Tumble dry on low or air dry and fluff for best performance.

Mothers Microfiber Towels

Brand: Mother

Size: 20 in x 24 in (50.8 cm x 60.9 cm)

Material: Microfiber

Fabric Type: Microfiber

Specialty: Soft, Absorbent, Durable

Towels: 12 Pack

Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Mothers Microfiber Towels Special Feature

  • Unique laminated foam core design absorbs over 10 times its weight in liquids
  • Efficient size wrings easily
  • Soft satin edging will not scratch
  • Dries your car faster and easier
  • Washable & reusable

Features of Mothers Microfiber Towels

  • Deluxe thick 1200gsm microfibre construction is great for application and removal of detailers and spray waxes
  • Super soft and absorbent, great for use as a drying towel
  • Soft non-scratch bound edges are safe for all surfaces
  • Large 700 x 400mm size reduces number of passes required to dry your vehicle

Mothers Microfiber Towels Use

This deluxe thick and soft microfibre performs exceptionally well on all wet or dry surfaces. Mothers Microfibre Towel is also great for the application and removal of spray detailers or spray waxes on a wet or dry surface. Always follow recommendations supplied with the surface care chemical you are using. For best results turn towel frequently as residue and dirt build up can cause minor scratches. Switch to a new clean towel to ensure a perfect finish as necessary

Care Instructions

Wash with like colours. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Use light detergent with copious amounts of water. PRO TIP: Air dry and hand massage to soften for longevity and best results.

why so many car lovers only allow a microfiber towel to touch their vehicle?

Best Mothers Microfiber Towels

There’s a reason why so many car lovers only allow a microfiber towel to touch their vehicle. Unlike other rags and materials, these are specially designed to be incredibly effective, gentle and reusable. Made from finely woven polyester and polyamide fibers, it creates a duality of softness and durability – the combination you need when it comes to removing stubborn dirt and grime from the exterior without leaving any damage or scratches behind.

Since this type of towel merely holds moisture instead of absorbing it, it prevents bacteria and dirt from collecting within the fibers. As a result, this prevents the towel from smelling and deteriorating quickly. It also means you won’t need to use as much chemicals when cleaning. Plus, they will never scratch the paint during the process.

This type of towel can hold 7 times its weight in liquid, making it incredibly useful for wiping the vehicle after it’s been washed. As a professional grade, man-made material, it’s rigorous and practical to use for all of your detailing needs, over and over again.

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